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Engaging team in #sustainabledevelopment is not just the latest trend, it's an essential shift in many ways. But there is still a significant lack of support and it's no longer just a question of #learning, but also of #teaching.

Numerous initiatives have been launched, such as the
@climatefresk ,
@2030SDGgame and
Their success is undeniable, with millions of participants across Europe and the world.

These are effective ways of getting teams excited about the company's mission. Sustainable development attracts the best talent. Young people looking for work today want to work for companies that care about the #planet and #society. Show them that you're on the same wavelength and you'll be a more attractive employer.

Sustainability isn't just about being green, it's a smart business approach. These #workshops are proof that it's a win-win approach that engages teams, attracts the best talent and creates a self-sustaining cycle of #positivechange and #innovation. Every day that passes adds to the regulatory and societal burden, so don't delay, get on board!

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