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What we do

"The [damtower] action plans carried out by our employees have helped us promote our sustainability report and communications to our stakeholders."

The Sustainability Gap

At damtower, we have identified three key ‘gaps’ in the achievement of sustainability:

1 – The Perception Gap

2 – The Knowledge Gap

3 – The Ownership Gap

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  • The Sustainability Perception Gap

    • The gap between the perception of sustainability and the reality.
      • On one hand, there is what people envision about sustainable development.
      • On the other hand, what they experience in their daily work.
  • The Sustainability Knowledge Gap

    • The gap in knowledge, created by the accelerating regulation curve.
      • Increase commitment to strategy.
      • Educate and engage all extended workforce.
      • Turn the topic into a continuous innovation process.
  • The Sustainability Ownership Gap

    • The gap of ownership between ‘what I want’ and ‘what I can do’.
      • From: ‘What can I do?’
      • To: ‘I act in my zone of control’.


At damtower, we engage your employees and stakeholders through your sustainability initiatives. We set up and accelerate the impact of sustainable strategies from the bottom up. Our methodology and label contribute to the development of your reputation, the commitment of your employees and finally, improve the performance of your organisation. This methodology allows you to:

  • Give meaning to change and your transformation.
  • ‘Name and Shine’ and improve your image internally and externally.
  • Win customers and new markets.
We help you improve your image, strengthen your brand, and gain new clients.

How we help you
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