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How we help you

"...thanks to the action plans proposed directly by our employees, we have seen an acceleration in our sustainability transformation."

Bridging the Sustainability Gap

  • Top-down Injunction

    The risk of embodying sustainable development in a single charismatic person is that when he or she leaves, all initiatives grind to a halt.

  • Bottom-up Implication

    At damtower, we ensure your initiatives are spread over as many employees as possible so that the departure of one employee does not have an impact on the whole.

damtower Method

The damtower method enables you to cover all the stages of a change and engagement process in less than 6 weeks, in 3 stages, with a concrete outcome at each stage.

The survey is sent to your company’s decision-makers and management. The aim is to strengthen management’s alignment with ESG performance in all its aspects.

Result: ESG-S damtower assessment

Damtower provides your management team with an analysis of your results according to the ESG-S survey.

Outcome: commitment and alignment of your management team with these findings.

Through a workshop, turn your employees into drivers of change in sustainability.

Result: Employee-led sustainability practices – a label of recognition for their commitment.


A complete toolkit of soft takeaways, messages and action plans

  • Consolidation of your employees’ individual sustainable action plans,
  • Accelerating the impact of your sustainable strategy,
  • External and internal sustainability communication messages,
  • Recognition as a leader in sustainable innovation
  • Brand reinforcement

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