Are intrinsically, all ESG-CSR reports greenwashing?

Ask an old Amsterdam citizen what he thinks of his city by asking him in his street. He will tell you that the quays are collapsing due to lack of maintenance that the city is rotten with tourists, that everything is artificial, that the streets stink of weed.... Take this same Amsterdam man and put him in Dijon. Ask a Frenchman to ask him the same question. His answer will be, that Amsterdam is the heart of the world, a city that is easy to live in, free of car pollution, where everything is easily accessible, where there is more freedom than elsewhere.

What happened? In the first case, by transposing, it is the opinion of an employee in his company, who talks to his colleagues, in the second case it is the same employee who talks about his company to his family, friends, customers or suppliers. The goal of damtower is, through the workshop, to recreate the conditions for the recognition of the pride and belonging reflex of employees by giving them societal tools and arguments.

Another transposition. Almost all the readers of the sustainable development reports of large companies are carried by the communications department. It emerges that these reports are perceived as advertising and promotional tools, which are not necessarily very credible and even encourage greenwashing by employees. Yet the company has often invested time and money in these measures. Those who are most keen to talk about it are those who have participated in its development and have taken the initiatives.

damtower's proposal is to ensure that these initiatives are owned by as many people as possible through the workshops.

By Benoit Montet

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