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Employer Label 2.0: Elevate Your Company to the Peak of Engagement Through CSR

You are known for the quality of your HR offering, but is it sufficient to achieve your company’s attractiveness and engagement goals?

According to an American study HR Morning, employees consider CSR as the 3rd most important factor in choosing a company, yet very few recruiters levarage it.

A new British report from OnHand shows the positive impact on employee engagement and productivity, as attitudes shift towards purpose-driven work. The survey highlights that 89% of employees say they’re more motivated when working for a company with a strong purpose, while 85% say they’re more productive, too.

At the French HR Tech fair in Paris only one out of 200 exhibitors offered a solution related to CSR, and it was primarily focused on ethics. Have HR lost control? Not yet; it’s more about companies lacking credibility.

Published by Forbes Magasine, even if an uncertain economy, companies need to face critical potential employee considerations, such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), workplace culture, the employee experience and total rewards strategies, to name just a few.

So how address this?

We propose a 5-step action plan:

1- Take CSR out of the communication department.
2- Be transparent about what you do and don’t do.
3- Set a goal starting from your T zero.
4- Implement engagement and innovation tools to involve your employees and track your action plans.
5- Only then, measure progress and communicate what your employees have accomplished. Continuous evaluation ensures the effectiveness of implemented initiatives.

damtower evaluates your company on Environmental, Social, and Governance performance. There is at least one of these aspects where your employees, within their sphere of control, can make a sustainable impact and bring innovation.

With the “Name & Shine” method, your employees actively work to improve your practices.

Instead of chasing corporate labels, offer a label to your employees. Their engagement depends on feeling involved.

Where to start?

HR teams and employer brand managers, an effective eco-friendly initiative starts with a structured approach. Begin with a climate awareness session using a “Climate Fresk,” an interactive and educational tool. Continue this momentum with a “2 Tonnes Workshop” to enhance understanding of climate issues. or chose a more holistic ” SDG Game 2030” . It’s crucial to share these experiences with colleagues to broaden awareness.

After building a solid foundation of knowledge and relevant arguments, become ambassadors for these initiatives, and apply them in your company contact with a damtower assesment and workshop. Your role is to amplify awareness within your organization. Keep in mind that resources, both in terms of budget and time, will be allocated based on the interest shown in these matters.

Finally, once you’ve gathered enough allies and fine-tuned your ROI arguments, you can implement these actions on a larger scale. The goal is to turn this awareness into a real driving force for change within your company.

Safe travels, and see you soon.