What if HR reports to Sustainability?

The topic of sustainable development in companies has become THE main priority for all stakeholders. In parallel, a silent revolution has taken place. Companies have refocused on their core business. They outsourced a large part of...

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How to Make Sustainability Every Employee’s Responsibility

Have a look at a nice article from CB Bhattacharya , who in 2018 yet was covering the topic. Companies that are winning the sustainability battle have created the conditions for their stakeholders to own...

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Are intrinsically, all ESG-CSR reports greenwashing?

Ask an old Amsterdam citizen what he thinks of his city by asking him in his street. He will tell you that the quays are collapsing due to lack of maintenance that the city is...

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Getting the most out of a certification process

Labels are a way of categorizing people, objects, and ideas. They can be used to describe a person’s identity, their interests, or their beliefs. Labels can be helpful in providing a sense of belonging and...

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