Getting the most out of a certification process

Labels are a way of categorizing people, objects, and ideas. They can be used to describe a person’s identity, their interests, or their beliefs. Labels can be helpful in providing a sense of belonging and understanding, but they can also be limiting and damaging. The benefits of labels are that they can provide a sense of belonging and understanding. Labels can help people identify with a group or community, and they can provide a sense of security and comfort

What are the drawback of obtaining a certification or a label?

Obtaining a certification or label mean cost associated with the process. Obtaining a certification or label can be expensive, as it often requires hiring a third-party auditor to assess the product or service. Additionally, the process of obtaining a certification or label can be time-consuming, as it requires a significant amount of paperwork and documentation. Finally, certifications and labels can become outdated over time, as standards and regulations change, requiring companies to continually update their certifications and process.

Even after all those eforts, a certification does not guarantee the quality of a product or service. A certification is a way to demonstrate that a product or service meets certain standards or criteria, but it does not guarantee that the product or service will be of a certain quality.

A quality assurance clause should be added to a certification to guarantee a service or product quality. This clause should outline the standards of quality that must be met, as well as any procedures that must be followed to ensure that the service or product meets the specified standards. Who more that the employees themselves, can testify that the process followed, conduct to a qualitative result? Indeed it imply many biais, but in sustainability, client feedback and third party are even less reliable due to a lack of documentation and transparency. If collected internally for improvement purpose, employee testimonials, like the output of an engagement survey are a hight quality mectric.

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