What we try to achieve through damtower ...

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By joining a damtower company, you will experience the following:

  • Armed to understand the sustainable challenges of tomorrow,
  • Empowered and trained to provide solutions to build a shared sustainable future.

You will be asked what you want to do, not what you have to do to be:

  • Actor in the company's strategy,
  • Convinced to contribute to the mission and vision of your company.

By becoming  damtower  you accelerate the impact of your sustainable strategy, then:

  • Facilitate change and transformation towards the European Green Deal
  • Provide a tool for your employee engagement
  • Engage your other stakeholder
  • Develop your internal communication arguments
  • Strengthen your external communication themes
  • Make all your processes evolve in a sustainable way

How it works ?

After agreeing to the membership you will get access to an online survey to submit your practices linked to sustainability. This survey has been elaborated together with global experts and a panel of already well recognised sustainable organisations.
1 Answer the survey
2 Check and motivate your answers
3 Share with your board
4 Focus your employee and turn them into ambassadors.

Delivered by a professional third party, damtower label "name and Shine" your best practices.
Your results are presented in an accessible and intelligible way.



You made it

You will receive a detailed explanation of your score and a benchmark of your position relative to other damtower companies (In year 2) . Thanks to this element you will easily identify your shadow ans shining points, where you can become even better and which measure you can take to improve your sustainability.



You didn’t make it

Anyone can do it! The rating is an evaluation and a discussion tool to start a conversation with your employees (and stakeholders). The only case you wonb't be allowed to share your status is if you do not organise the workshop with your employees.

But what's the point?

About the survey and process

After answering the survey, you will be asked to provide some complementary documents as proof for some of the claims made while answering the questionnaire. Your results are then assessed.

To shine our community, we will share your Sustainable best practices

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