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Mission Vision

"La méthode Damtower nous a aidés à clarifier notre stratégie [de développement durable] auprès de nos collaborateurs"."

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Brève histoire de la transformation durable des entreprises

  • The origin

    In the 1960s, investors began to look at socially responsible investments, excluding entire sectors from their portfolios, such as tobacco production or involvement in the South African apartheid regime.

  • M.S.D. s

    In 2000, to combat the indignity of poverty, a United Nations conference launched a global effort with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

  • S.D.G. s

    In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 were born at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro. Gradually, a consensus has been established around extra-financial reporting criteria. Socially responsible investors use Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria to select potential investments.

  • Net Zero

    In 2020, the European Commission presented a series of legislative proposals to make its policies fit for the 2030 net greenhouse gas emissions reduction target set out in the 2030 climate target plan and enshrined in EU law.

  • E.S.R.D.

    In 2021, the Commission adopts the Fit for 55 legislative proposals covering a wide range of policy areas, including climate, energy, transport, and taxation, and setting out the means by which the Commission will achieve its updated 2030 target in real terms.

  • European Green Deal

    The aim is now to contribute to the EU’s climate neutrality target by 2050, set out in the European Green Deal. The objectives are to stimulate the creation of green jobs, maintain the EU’s record of greenhouse gas emission reductions, economic growth and ensure that the transition is fair and leaves no one behind.

On se rencontre ?

En savoir plus, partager avec nous, lire et entendre nos points de vue sur la transformation durable ? Contactez-nous, réservez une démonstration et découvrez le retour d'expérience de nos clients.

Strategic partners


Do-good businesses are feel-good businesses.Combining profits and purpose makes you feel proud as a business leader and as an entrepreneur. Knowing your company makes a positive contribution to the world, not just to your bank account, gets you up in the morning. It keeps you going even when things get tough. It makes your team rally around a higher goal, giving their best to your company and your cause.

And guess what? Purpose-driven businesses are future-proof businesses.Because consumers around the globe are turning away from profit-only companies. Investors are looking to put their money where positive change is created. Workers prefer employers who contribute to society beyond making money. And the world needs companies to join forces for a healthy, happy and prosperous future for everyone, everywhere.


Go blossom

Turn your People challenges into sustainable growth opportunities.

We turn your human capital into a driver for success. Our comprehensive offering ranges from consulting services to operational support including :  customized HR solutions, certification mentoring, in-depth HR audits, and Organisation & Process transformation support, (with a particular appetite for introducing  data analysis and AI). With our expertise and pragmatic approach, we maximize the potential of your human resources for a sustainable future.